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BEEPLATE Advantages


The BEEPLATE System has proven of value economic- and quality-wise in the execution and the result. There are advantages for the constructor, for the planner and the construction company alike. 

The Constructor 

- Construction time reduction and cost savings 

- less concrete, less concrete steel, less CO2

- variable use and larger floor space 

- cost savings in start-up costs 


The Architect

- variable architecture

- wide floor span and less columns

- free shapes of the slab edges

- slim and few construction parts  


The Engineer

- light floor construction 

- less construction parts 


- bi-axial load transfer 

- high flexibility of the system

- quality control by distance spacers


The Construction Company

- little stock surface required through possibility of stacking of the hollow bodies 

- hollow bodies are sturdy and weatherproof 

- hollow bodies are distance spacers for upper reinforcement 

- easy and quick installation without crane 

- quick installation of the BAMTEC Reinforcement

- short construction time through less construction parts 

- simplification of the building process 

- less building material