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Easy, secure, cost-efficient

The bi-axially structured concrete reinforced flat slab is easy, secure and cost-efficient. The flat lower side without beams or mushrooms (fungi) facilitates the installation of the electrical and technical installations. Slab overlaps and variable suspensions in supports and walls are possible. 

The BEEPLATE Honeycomb Floor now allows the use of this successful solution also for floor plates with large spans. 

Alveolar assembly 

Following the lead of nature, the hollow bodies are assembled and installed like a honeycomb. The mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange furnished proof for this densest packing of equal spheres already in 1773.

Due to the alveolar assembly of the hollow bodies, the floor bears in all directions. This results in a tough bearing capacity of the BEEPLATE.



Safety and Quality

The BEEPLATE hollow bodies do not float during concreting. The hollow bodies are open at the bottom and have ventilation holes. This is a decisive advantage compared to common hollow body slabs. High security and quality during implementation are thus guaranteed.

Base floors

It is also possible to carry out base floors with the BEEPLATE. Time-consuming swellings of the floor under the supports and walls can thus be avoided.

CO2 - Savings

Due to the concrete savings the consumption of CO2 is reduced. As much as 0,20 tons/m³ CO21 are consumed for the production of concrete. An additional reduction of concrete steel is achieved through the weight reduction.

1) Source: Sustainability Report 2006/2007 by the Austrian Cement Industry
Approval: 320 kg/m³ Cement content C35/45