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We offer you two innovative products for reinforced concrete constructions:

BEEPLATE Honeycomb Floor

The BEEPLATE Honeycomb Floor is an efficient solution for wide span reinforcement concrete flat slabs with any suspension. Spans up to 16,50 m with floor depths between 34 cm and 52 cm can be achieved. By using buoyancy free hollow bodies, assembly is particularly easy.

The hollow bodies are built in with the help of spacer clips. At the same time they work as a separator between the upper and lower reinforcement layers. The honeycomb layout of the hollow bodies guarantees a maximum concrete reduction and therefore weight reduction of up to 35%.


The investor in attracted by the the BEEPLATE Honeycomb Floor because of the large spans that can be achieved. The architect can plan freely. The engineer gets a solution which fullfills the wishes of the architects and investors. The builder prefers the simple solution, which is very cost-efficient as well.

The BEEPLATE is the logic development of the flat slab for large spans. All arguments and benefits of the flat slab solution apply for the BEEPLATE as well. The large span reduces the number of required columns and foundations.

BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology

BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology is a highly efficient system for planning, manufacture and installation of rolled reinforcing steel elements. The extraordinary economic efficiency results from the consistent use of electronic data in reinforcement planning and production, from maximum material efficiency and resource optimisation in every work step.

BAMTEC is the alternative to usual concrete reinforcement. BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology is the economically viable procedure for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete floors, slabs and high wall construction.


The main advantage compared to traditional reinforcement is a saving of reinforced concrete steel, a reduction in laying time and at the same time an improved quality.

The earlier the decision is made to use BAMTEC, the larger the possible saving. Generally you can change to BAMTEC reinforcement at any time during the planning phase.

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The innovations BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology and BEEPLATE Honeycomb Floor in combination are easy to use, fast and very cost-efficient.